Pure Casting is a reputable casting house using state of the art machines and techniques to ensure the highest quality finished products. Drawing from over 60 years collective experience you can rely on us in a market where consistency is key and service matters!

Pure Casting cast daily in a wide range of different metals including gold silver, platinum, brass and bronze. We also offer casting in an extensive range of base metals.

Customers can supply their own wax or moulds, or we can print them for you.

Our motto is simple - If the flask fits, we can probably cast it.

Pure Casting cast daily in the following metals:






Fine Gold 18 Green 14 Rose 10 Rose 9 Rose Fine Silver Platinum 950 Brass White Bronze
22 Yellow 18 Pink 14 White 10 White 9 White Sterling Silver Palladium 950 High Strength Brass Phosphor Bronze
  18 Rose 14 Yellow 10 Yellow 9 Yellow Anti Tarnish Silver     Manganese Bronze
  18 White              
  18 Yellow              

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Pure Casting is Australias most respected jewellery casting house, with the founders having more than 70 years of combined experience in the jewellery trade. This hands on experience means that we understand your requirements when it comes to servicing your unique needs. read more...

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