Mould Making

Mould Making is the process of making a hollowed-out mould of your design which is then used in the casting process. At Pure Casting we offer an extensive range of services for making the moulds for your designs or for replicating an existing piece of work.
Given your master design, we turn your wax into a mould for casting, with precision and attention to detail, to ensure the finished product is to your exacting standards.

You Own the Mould

Over the years there has been a lot of conjecture in regards to who owns the moulds that casting companies make and store from customer's masters patterns.  At Pure Casting we believe that the customer owns the total mould, not just the intellectual property inside the rubber. We can store your moulds on site for fast turnaround, but at anytime you need your moulds, we will return them to you without question.
At Pure Casting, we believe that you have created the style and it should belong to YOU, so we treat them with the utmost secrecy and care because we understand that moulds are like gold to our customers and you don't want your design to be sold or shown to others.

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Pure Casting is Australias most respected jewellery casting house, with the founders having more than 70 years of combined experience in the jewellery trade. This hands on experience means that we understand your requirements when it comes to servicing your unique needs. read more...

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